Aries (21 Mar. - 19 Abr.)

You can break new ground today while setting the stage for future discussions. You're ready to talk about an issue that's been bothering you for a while, but you're unwilling to reveal too much information right away. Ironically, you may be speaking faster than usual as you dance circles around the topic you're trying to avoid. You can shift the dynamics of the conversation by consciously monitoring your delivery and sticking to the point. Be like Albert Einstein who said, "It's not that I'm so smart; it's just that I stay with problems longer." Source: Yahoo!

Taurus (20 Abr. - 20 May.)

You already answered the wake-up call; now you must act on what you know. It's not always easy to integrate a new piece of information, let alone an entirely different perspective, but talking about your epiphany is a good place to start. Thankfully, it's comforting to share your feelings while the sensitive Moon is collaborating with expressive Mercury in your sign. But this is not a race, so take your time and unfold your story carefully. A trusted confidant will give you better advice if they understand where you're coming from. Solid communication is the key to furthering your evolution. Source: Yahoo!

Gemini (21 May. - 21 Jun.)

Speaking a lot of words out loud doesn't mean that you say anything relevant. Writing a long email doesn't automatically ensure your intended message is conveyed. In fact, you could overwhelm others with an overflowing data stream as a way of avoiding what's most important. But don't wait for an ally to point out your evasive tactics. Once you're conscious of your behavior, you can improve your communication by shifting the discussion to a more personal topic. Peel back your layers as if you are an onion, even if you prefer to be left in the ground. Argentinian poet Antonio Porchia wrote, "The shadows: some hide, others reveal." Source: Yahoo!

Cancer (22 Jun. - 22 Jul.)

Your coworkers and friends have your back today by creating a solid support system. But in order to activate your connection with others, you must be the one who gets the conversational ball rolling. Assistance will not magically arrive at your door or at your desk unless you ask for help. Unveiling your needs is not a sign of weakness. In fact, psychologist Brene Brown wrote, "Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage." No risk, no reward. Source: Yahoo!

Leo (23 Jul. - 22 Ago.)

It might take a jolt of anger to motivate you into action today. Although you're slower to make a scene when the Moon is visiting easygoing Taurus, you have your limits just like any proud Lion. You may choose a strategy of peaceful coexistence until someone pushes you too far. Paying closer attention to your feelings enables you to calmly say what's on your mind instead of waiting until it's too late. Losing your temper is a waste of energy; process your emotions while they are still manageable. Reason wins out in the end. Source: Yahoo!

Virgo (23 Ago. - 22 Sept.)

You are walking a fine line between the practicalities of the present moment and the possibilities of the future. You're tired of being tethered to the mundane, especially when you can't ignore your current responsibilities and there's little time left over for charting your route to freedom. However, you are inspired by imagining the changes you can make now, and where your road ahead might lead. Don't set limits on your unlimited potential. Align your belief system to better suit your goals. Source: Yahoo!

Libra (23 Sept. - 22 Oct.)

People seem shadier today, like they aren't disclosing everything that might concern you. It's not that you are paranoid, but you are curious about what's being conveniently dropped out of view. Unfortunately, asking questions won't help; your prodding will only make someone clam up even more. Your smartest strategy is simple now: live your life from the inside out. Rather than basing your wellbeing on anyone else, seek emotional security within and let others go through their motions. Whatever you need to know will be revealed in due time. Source: Yahoo!

Scorpio (23 Oct. - 21 Nov.)

You run into unexpected resistance today, setting the stage for a battle of opposing wills. You might consider changing your plans, but someone else may be so stubborn that you double down on your original position instead. Unfortunately, a standoff like this has nowhere to go and only makes matters worse for everyone involved, especially if you're unwilling to bend. Either put an end to the conflict by walking away from it or break the ice by offering a negotiating chip. Life is short; choose happiness over being right. Source: Yahoo!

Sagittarius (22 Nov. - 21 Dic.)

A pragmatic outlook on your responsibilities serves you well today. Rather than dreaming about an upcoming adventure or sketching out your long-term goals, keep focusing on your immediate surroundings and your work in progress. You have an opportunity to reestablish control over your life by managing one small task at a time. Fortunately, your current situation is not your final destination; wait for another day to make plans for the future. In the famous words of Ram Dass, "Be here now." Source: Yahoo!

Capricorn (22 Dic. - 19 Ene.)

You are most productive when mundane matters flow as you planned. Thankfully, major pieces of the puzzle are falling into place now. You're ready to sit down and create something extraordinary while the Moon is visiting artistic Taurus and your 5th House of Self-Expression. Your current schedule might offer you enough leeway to slip off into a creative zone and you should grab the opportunity before it vanishes. Thoreau wrote, "The world is but a canvas to the imagination." Source: Yahoo!

Aquarius (20 Ene. - 18 Feb.)

Your mental tenacity is impressively strong today and there is little that can throw you off course. Nevertheless, a friend or associate who wants to work or play with you could quickly become a real annoyance. You have clear boundaries and don't appreciate it when you must state them again and again, only to have them ignored anyway. Although your personal interactions with someone might require more of your time than you prefer now, don't let it hijack your day. Goethe wrote, "He who is firm and resolute in will molds the world to himself." Source: Yahoo!

Pisces (19 Feb. - 20 Mar.)

Although your visions continue to evoke powerful feelings, you can put them into a healthier framework today. It's still advisable to explore the symbols that come from your subconscious, since they expand your understanding of yourself and your world. However, the Moon's shift into earthy Taurus demands that you make things real or set them aside. Turning your idealistic thoughts into pragmatic results requires a high level of commitment, but the cosmos is conspiring with you now to make your dreams come true. Source: Yahoo!